The Law Library has forms for many types of cases. Some forms, such as for a name change, we have preprinted to hand out. Other forms will need to be copied from books by you. The copy charge is 20 cents per page.

Your case is unique. A librarian can show you the form books we have and then you can select which form you need based on your situation. Librarians are not permitted to choose forms for you. Librarians cannot tell you what to write in the blanks. The form books, such as the Texas Family Bar Practice Manual, have hundreds of forms in them. It is a good idea to check with a lawyer before you file any form in your case.

Here are some frequently requested forms and how we would help you find them:

Form Needed: Source we would look to first:
Adoption of a Child The State Bar of Texas Family Law Practice Manual book is often consulted for forms on adoptions.
Divorce (getting a divorce) We have pre-printed divorce forms at the Law Library. You can print the same forms from the website
Divorce (enforcing child support or property settlement) The State Bar of Texas Family Law Practice Manual book has forms many attorneys use for this situation.
Mechanic’s Liens The Complete Guide to Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien Laws of Texas includes forms you can photocopy.
Probate The Law Library has several form books on probates. The most popular is How to Probate and Settle an Estate in Texas
Small Claims The Travis County Justices of the Peace have forms for both filing and answering a small claims suit on their websites.
Terminating Parental Rights Terminating someone’s parental rights can be very complicated. We would refer you to the State Bar of Texas Family Law Practice Manual book to start learning about the process.
Wills How to Write Your Own Will in Texas is an easy-to-use form book for basic wills.
All of our books must remain in the Law Library. A photocopier is available.

We can -

  • Show you the forms and form books we have.
  • Review your form to make sure you filled it out completely.
  • Help you find books and resources that might help you with your case.
  • Give you general information about court rules, procedures and practices
  • Direct you to useful Internet sites containing information helpful to others in your situation
  • Show you how to use our computer legal research tools, including Lexis
  • Provide you with attorney-written information.

We cannot -

  • Tell you which forms you should use.
  • Fill out your form for you or tell you what words to use.
  • Tell you what to do in your case.
  • Tell you whether you should bring your case to court or speculate as to what a judge might decide.
  • Do computer research for you or type your documents for you.
  • Interpret or explain cases and laws for you, or tell you how they apply to your case.
  • Analyze your case beyond our attorney-written information or give you legal advice.
The Lawyer Referral Service (512) 472-8303 can help you find a private attorney. If you are low income, you may qualify for free help from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (512) 374-2700. Regardless of income, you may obtain free legal advice at the Evening Legal Clinics held twice a week. You can find other legal aid providers on the website.

If you want to finish your case at the Uncontested Docket (without representation by your own attorney) then you must come to the Walk-In Family Law Case Review.

If your case is ready to be finished, the reference attorney will complete and sign an Uncontested Docket Checklist. The Uncontested Docket Checklist tells the Judge you have completed the steps in your case. It also tells the Judge what your case is about. This makes court easier and faster for both you and the Judge.

If your case is contested then you do NOT have to come to the Walk-In Family Case Review. In fact, you cannot use the Case Review program to get help with a contested case.

Reference attorneys can only help when a Travis County family law case is uncontested. This means:

  • The case is filed in Travis County.
  • The case is a family law case (example: divorce, name change, modification of child support).
  • All parties agree on all the issues or the case is a default.

The Walk-in Family Case Review Clinic is held Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and noon. The clinic does not have staff to help patrons who arrive after noon. Make sure you arrive before 12 p.m.

The reference attorneys cannot give legal advice. If you need legal advice, talk to a private lawyer.

If you are low income, you may qualify for free help from a Legal Aid lawyer (512-374-2700).

Regardless of income, you may obtain free legal advice from a lawyer at Volunteer Legal Services' weekly Evening Legal Clinics.

You can also hire a lawyer just to give you legal advice. This is called "limited scope representation." The Lawyer Referral Service (512-472-8303) has a list of lawyers willing to provide limited scope representation.

Get information about these and other community resources at the Law Library or at

A Travis County judge may refer you to the driver’s license (ODL) attorney to help you resolve issues with your driver’s license. You do not need a court referral to meet with the reference attorneys but you do need to either live in Travis County or have a case in the Travis County courts.

You can meet with the ODL reference attorney as a “walk-in” from Mondays through Fridays starting at 9 a.m.

The meeting with the ODL reference attorney is free and they last between 30 minutes and one hour. The reference attorney's office is located in the Law library on the first floor of the Ned Granger Building, 314 West 11th Street, Suite 140, Austin, Texas 78701.

When you meet with the ODL reference attorney, make sure you bring:

  • Certified Abstract (Type AR) of driving record:

    Be careful: To get your certified Abstract online, you MUST verify that ALL of your DPS records (DL, ID or unlicensed record) have been CONSOLIDATED or you risk purchasing incomplete information and may need to purchase additional records.

    If you have determined that your records are consolidated, you may purchase your driving record online, with a credit card and print it out. The online cost is $22. You will need to enter your driver’s license number and license audit number from your most recent DL (or ID, if your records are CONSOLIDATED) and the last four digits of your social security number at:

    To get a Certified Abstract by mail, print the DR-1 form called “Request for a Certified Abstract of a Driver Record” from Mail the completed form and a $20 check or money order to Texas DPS. This form does not require the audit number or your social security number.

  • SR-22 proof of insurance from your insurance company

  • Proof that you need to drive to go to work, school, or perform essential household duties, etc.

    Examples of proof: your school schedule or registration, a current pay stub, a letter from your job, or an affidavit or unsworn declaration explaining your need to drive.