Uncontested Family Law Case Review – COVID Process

Due to COVID-19, safety precautions are in place at the Travis County Courthouse and Travis County Law Library.

This means that these offices may not be open for in-person visits.
Before coming in person, please contact us to make sure staff is available to help you.


Travis County has mandatory case review for uncontested family law cases without lawyers.

This means you must have your case reviewed by a Law Library Reference Attorney if:

  • you have a family law case (such as a divorce, custody, paternity, child support or name change case);
  • your case is uncontested (agreed or default);
  • your case is (or will be) filed in Travis County; and
  • you are not a lawyer and no one in your case has a lawyer.

You must have your case reviewed before it can be submitted to the Court.

To start case review:

  • Sign up online here,
  • Call us at 512-854-8677 OR
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will need to know your case cause number, your phone number, and your email address.

No. The Law Library lawyers cannot give legal advice nor help with contested cases.

Family Law Case Review is now a remote process. Library staff will communicate with you electronically or by phone. A Law Library lawyer called a “reference attorney” will:

  • Review your forms,
  • Help you complete your forms, and
  • Explain the steps to finish your case.

When your case is ready, the reference attorney will submit your completed forms to the appropriate judge by email.

You and the other party will be included in the email that sends your completed forms to the judge.

If your case is signed by the judge, you will receive an email from the District Clerk’s Office.

It depends on:

  • The statutory waiting periods for your case.
  • The complexity of your cases. (Note: Cases involving children tend to take longer.)
  • How quickly you and the other party respond to requests for information, completed forms, and signatures.
  • Where you are in the process when you contact the Law Library.
  • Library staffing levels. (Note: Staffing levels have been reduced due to cost-cutting.)

If so, you may want to consider:

  • Talking with SAFE to develop a safety plan. SAFE is an agency that helps survivors of abuse and their families. www.safeaustin.org 512-267-7233
  • Applying for a protective order through the Travis County Attorney’s Office. 512-854-9415
  • Applying for free legal help through Texas Rio Grande Legal Aide. www.TRLA.org 833-329-TRLA (8752)
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